Winter Tyres

What are winter tyres?

Driving over the winter months can be challenging, with extreme weather drastically affecting steering, acceleration, breaking and overall vehicle handling.   Changing to winter tyres can help your vehicle adapt to winter driving conditions. 

Specially designed to deal with cold, wet, icy and snowy conditions, winter tyres provide an impressive grip on the road compared to summer tyres.  Despite their capability in ice and snow, winter tyres are not solely for these conditions, as cold and wet roads can also affect the efficiency of your tyres.  

When the temperature drops over the winter months the tread compound in standard summer tyres begins to harden, resulting in weakened grip and an increased chance of skidding and aquaplaning.  On ice and snow winter tyres provide grip to the road that no standard tyre can match.  The difference between stopping distance of winter and summer tyres can be up to 8 metres on a snow covered road driving at 50km/h.

How Summer and Winter Tyres react braking on icy surfaces How Summer and Winter Tyres react braking on snowy surfaces

Do I need winter tyres?

Many people believe that the UK weather is too mild to justify purchasing winter tyres, but with weather patterns constantly changing, it is worth considering the benefits of winter tyres.  Additionally, if you live in a remote area or if you are a regular driver, it may be sensible to make the investment for peace of mind this winter. 

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

  • Improved handling and braking efficiency 
  • Increased grip on snowy/icy/wet roads 
  • Reduced stopping distances 
  • Better fuel economy as the tyres will grip better and reduce the amount of wear, prolonging tyre life, ultimately saving you money

Remember, it is important that you explore your tyre options to ensure the cold weather doesn’t get the better of you and your vehicle this winter.  It may seem like an expense, but compared to the cost of damage and insurance premiums related to even a minor accident – it could be money well spent.  

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