What does the EU Tyre Label tell me?

Tyre Labelling for passenger cars and light trucks was launched in November 2012 under European Regulation. The label was introduced to help consumers make an informed choice when buying tyres and has made a huge impact since its launch, in educating consumers in what had previously been a relatively ill-informed market.

The aim of the regulation is to increase tyre safety, promote fuel-efficiency and decrease noise pollution. The EU Tyre Label rates a tyre's performance in these 3 key areas: fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise levels.

EU Tyre Label

The graphics on the label may be familiar as they have been used for household appliances and more recently for new cars.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

20% of your vehicle's fuel consumption is down to the tyres you use. The fuel efficiency of a tyre affects driving economy and the emissions of a vehicle.

A tyre loses energy through 'rolling resistance'. An easy-rolling tyre has lower demands on fuel, as a smaller amount of energy is wasted on friction and heat. So, lower rolling resistance means lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Choosing a tyre with a high fuel efficiency rating means more miles from your tank and fewer emissions. The rating works downwards from 'A' for the best performing tyre, to 'G' for the lowest performing. There is a difference of 7.5% in fuel efficiency between an A and G rated tyre.

Top Tip… For optimal fuel efficiency, make sure your tyres are correctly inflated. Low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance. The weight of your vehicle and your personal driving style can also make a big difference.

Wet Grip

Wet Grip

Wet grip is one of the most important safety characteristics of a tyre. The wet grip rating on your tyres indicates their capability to brake in wet conditions. Tyres with a high wet grip rating will stop shorter on wet roads when full brakes are applied.

Wet Grip

The rating works downwards from 'A' for the best wet grip performance, to 'G' for the lowest performance. The difference in braking distance between an A and G rated tyre can be as much as 18 metres (approx. 4 car lengths).

For a car fitted with four A-rated tyres driving at 50 mph, stopping distance can be up to 18 metres or 30%* shorter than with G rated tyres.

Top Tip… Always bear in mind and respect the recommended stopping distances according to the Highway Code when driving.

Noise Levels

Noise Levels

The tyre's external noise level or 'noise emissions' are measured and the value is represented in decibels (dB) by the 3-wave pictogram. The external noise or 'pass-by' noise of a vehicle is what contributes to noise pollution.

The tyre noise heard outside the car doesn't necessarily relate to what you hear inside the car. The noise level inside the car is not measured.

The graphic symbol displays one black sound wave for the quietest performance, and up to three black sound waves for the loudest. Decibel levels are measured on a logarithmic scale which means an increase in just a few decibels can have a huge difference in the level of noise. The noise level of a 3-sound wave rated tyre will be literally three times that of a single sound wave rated tyre.

Top Tip… Choosing a tyre with a good noise rating will lower the impact of your driving on the surrounding environment. If we all chose tyres with lower noise ratings, imagine how much quieter our towns and cities would be?

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* Performance measured in accordance with the testing methods set by Regulation CE 1222/2009. European Commission's Impact Assessment SEC (2008) 2860.

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