What are Summer Tyres?

Summer tyres are commonly known as standard tyres and until recently were the only tyres that existed. Until the introduction of the ‘Winter Tyre’ and the ‘All Season Tyre’, the standard or summer was the only tyre which you could buy.

Since this time, tyre manufacturers have developed specific winter and summer tyres with differing properties. Each are developed to cope with certain seasonal conditions and provide the best performance possible in either summer or winter conditions.

All season tyres can be used all year round, but, don’t be fooled in to thinking that these can deliver the same performance as season specific tyres. They have been designed to offer a compromised performance all year round.

Summer Tyres vs Winter Tyres

Summer tyres have been engineered specifically to offer excellent performance and traction in dry and damp conditions in temperatures over 7°c. They are constructed using a soft compound which makes them ideal for use in warmer temperatures although this means that the tyre will seize and stiffen if the temperature drops. This is because different weather and road conditions require different properties from tyres.

On snow and ice, winter tyres provide a much needed grip that summer tyres simply cannot match. A vehicle fitted with summer tyres, for example, will come to a stop eight metres slower than one with winter tyres on snow.

This is because season specific tyres have been designed to excel in certain conditions. Similarly, summer tyres offer a resistance to aquaplaning, dry grip and traction in warm weather which simply cannot be matched by a winter tyre.

Benefits of Summer Tyres

Summer Compound

Summer tyres typically use a soft rubber compound which offers an enhanced grip on both wet and dry roads. The stickier, softer compound is better for maximising traction in these conditions.

Aquaplaning Resistance

Despite their poor performance during the winter months, summer tyres actually offer the best performance in wet conditions compared to any other seasonal tyre. A tyre’s ability to stay in contact with the road in wet conditions is dependent upon its tread pattern, summer tyres are engineered with special tread patterns with an excellent ability to rapidly disperse water.

This feature, which offers improved resistance to aquaplaning and excellent grip on wet surfaces is actually the same feature which prevents it from offering adequate snow and ice traction.

Speed and Performance

Summer tyres are often the tyre of choice for high performance vehicles, due to the fact that they are built for speed and agility. The combination of the specialist summer compound and tread patterns results in increased responsiveness, cornering and braking capabilities.

Which Tyres Should I Choose?

Choosing the right kind of tyres for your vehicle is dependent upon your driving style and habits, your driving requirements, your vehicle needs and the weather conditions you regularly drive in.

You should consider buying summer tyres if:

  • You see a difference in weather conditions throughout the seasons where you live
  • You value optimal performance and handling during milder months
  • Safety is a high priority for you when choosing tyres
  • You seek tyres with a longer lifespan
  • You tend to drive dynamically

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