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Pirelli has a long history in tyre manufacturing, and their drive and determination through the years have placed them firmly as a premium tyre manufacture and a household name. The Pirelli banner is instantly recognisable as high performance and their association with Formula 1 reinforces this status. As a family business Pirelli was established in 1872 producing electrical cables. Pirelli then progressed into the manufacturing of tyres in 1894, producing the ercole type cycle tyre. In 1902 their tyre journey really began, as they expanded and invested into rubber production and overseas plants.

Pirelli went on to do what they do best and developed a product that could compete at the highest standards. At the height of the Pirelli F1 years it was the long standing partnerships firstly with Alfa Romeo and then Maserati that forged the way for innovations in their tyre development. In the 20's Pirelli made the move to cord technology, then the 1950's saw the start of a new era in Pirelli's developments in the design of the revolutionary Cinturato radial tyre. The radial tyre wraps around the carcass like a belt. The move to a radial tyre instead of the standard design of the cross-ply, meant a tyre that was less likely to split.

It was this drive to make their mark on the industry that set the tone for Pirelli's future and its strong position amongst the premium brand tyre market. During their 25 years away from F1 they surged ahead in their growth with plants opening across the globe and the development of their high performance eco compatible Pirelli P7 tyre range. Following their return to F1 in the 80's they continued their innovation in the design of the P zero range, a tyre that adapted racing tyre technology to road tyres.


When considering the developments that have occurred over the years in tyre technologies, the contribution Pirelli has made to such innovations must be recognised. You may associate them with high performance tyres due to their years involved with Formula 1, but you may not realise the impact they have had on the advances in tyre technology and on the current methods of tyre production.

Never guilty of standing still, this highly innovative company took the massive decision in 1956 to pull out of motor racing. Despite Pirelli's impressive record they decided to concentrate their efforts and technologies on their new development the acclaimed Cinturato radial tyre. Taking the radial development of the Cinturato yet further, Pirelli also changed their original design from textile fibre to the new cord technology. The time and investment that they made during their grand prix years was brought into their tyre development as a whole, making them innovators within the tyre industry.

Over the years Pirelli has undergone many changes but they have remained an innovator in tyre technology. It is their continued determination to grow and evolve as a tyre manufacture that has helped them to withstand economical pressures and remain one of the leading premium brands. Their commitment to the growth of Pirelli continues with new life breathed into their old ranges such as the Cinturato as an eco solution, whilst the P zero flies the flag for their ultra high performance design and technology.

Tread Patterns

Cinturato Treads

The original radial tyre has also become the Eco solution in the Pirelli tyre range. The original sports tyre, the Cinturato patterns have been designed to offer you different features and benefits, whilst maintaining their original safety aspects.

These tyres offer superb road holding on wet and dry roads to maximise your driving comfort. The green performance aspect of this tyre is achieved through the use of eco friendly materials and a design that ensures low rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is important in an eco tyre as it reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Pirelli have catered for various driving needs in this range from the compact car through to high spec saloons. Be it driving about town or the motorway commute these tyres will offer comfort, fuel efficiency, tyre longevity and a low environmental impact.

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Cinturato P1

The Cinturator P1 is a tread pattern within the Pirelli eco range that is suited to city and compact cars. The thermal stability of this tyre means its heat loss due to friction is reduced, which in turn lowers fuel consumption.

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Cinturato P4

The tread pattern on the Cinturato P4 has wide shoulder blocks which give extra control when cornering and offers an improved steering response.

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Cinturato P6

Designed and developed for use on medium and high-performance saloons, the Pirelli Cinturato P6 tyre scores particularly highly in the areas of safety, economy and environmental sustainability.

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Cinturato P7

In house and independent tests have highly acclaimed the P7 Cinturato for its effortless marriage of performance, safety and eco compatibility. The P7 is an ideal choice for drivers of medium to high powered cars.

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Cinturato P7 Blue

With all the features and benefits of the Cinturato P7, the Blue offer the additional design features for maximising the EU labelling classification.

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The Pirelli Eufori is an extended mobility tyre offering enhanced safety and control at reduced pressure.

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Pzero Treads

The Pirelli Pzero range is designed for the ultra high performance market from supersports cars to luxury saloons, although it can be suitable for some powerful mid range vehicles as well. Every aspect has been considered in the design of the Pzero to optimise the performance of the car and the driving experience. The original tyre was designed for the Ferrari F40 back in 1987. Since then it has been adapted for the driving needs of the modern high performance car market to give precision handling and control even in wet conditions.

Uniquely, in some cases the Pirelli Pzero system combines directional (front tyres) and asymmetrical (rear tyres) tread patterns on the two axles. This system combines the enhanced water dispersion expected on a directional tyre, whilst the asymmetrical pattern provides greater handling. The original equipment choice for many high performance car manufacturers the Pzero design effortlessly harmonises enhanced performance with style.

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The Pzero has been tried and tested and many independent reviews agree that the Pzero provides drivers with power whilst maintaining control and safety.

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Pzero Rosso

The Pzero Rosso is an ultra high performance tyre that has the option of directional and asymmetric tyre systems which provides comfort and precision handling.

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Pzero Nero

The Pzero Nero is a stylish asymmetric design which combines comfort with performance without compromise.

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Pzero Corsa

The sporty Pzero Corsa gives precision handling for track and road driving, offering a grade A in wetgrip handling on the EU tyre labelling. The Pzero Corsa system provides all the benefits of a directional and asymmetrical tyre system.

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The P6000 has a long history in the Pirelli range. It is suitable for many medium powered vehicles, and has been linked with many different car manufactures.

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SUV Tyres

Pirelli have produced the high performance Scorpion tread pattern to cater for the needs of SUVs and all terrain vehicles. Pirelli has also incorporated their green performance as an option in this range.

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Scorpion Verde

A tyre that offers green performance for crossovers and SUVs offering reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

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Scorpion Zero

A stylish symmetrical tread pattern that gives sports performance to SUVs. This tyre provides a safe drive for on and off road driving.

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Scorpion STR

With super safe handling and braking the STR offers a balance between road and moderate off road driving capability. The STR performs well in wet conditions and moderate snow.

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Scorpion ATR

The ATR is an all terrain tyre, which offers comfort whilst providing unrestricted capability. It optimises braking and handling both on and off road.

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Van Tyres

Pirelli has specifically designed their van tyres to provide durability, reliability and safety. They have adapted the performance of their car tyres to meet the requirements of commercial vehicle tyres. The range offers drivers versatility and comfort.

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A long life tyre offering grip, enhanced corning capability and safety. The two central ribs aids cornering even with additional loads.

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Chrono 2

Excellent driving performance on wet and dry road surfaces with strong side walls providing lateral protection.

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The Citynet is a van tyre for commercial vehicles. The durable construction provides excellent traction and performance enabling it to cope with additional loads.

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