Do I Need High Performance Tyres?

07 Jul 2016

When buying new tyres, tyre performance categories can be extremely confusing as you may need to decide whether to choose performance, ultra-high performance or efficient tyres, amongst more. They can vary between different levels of performance and sometimes tyres can fit in to more than one tyre category. If you are looking for a new tyre it is best to first decipher what you want from your tyres before being distracted by price tags or impressive reviews.

What are performance tyres?

Performance tyres are tyres which manufacturers develop specifically for motorists who enjoy driving at speed and expect agile steering properties, high cornering abilities and exceptional traction. These tyres are the best when it comes to performance, however, they are not always the longest lasting tyres. Manufacturers may choose to construct their tyres with compounds that allow their tyres to have better grip on the road instead of ones that resist wear or increase tyre life.

These high performance standards often come with a high price tag to match, which is unsurprising as these tyres will provide the best in sporting ability.

Performance tyres include Michelin Pilot Sport 4, Pirelli P Zero, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 and Dunlop SportMaxx TT.

What do I want from my tyres?

Someone who makes short journeys around a city will want very different tyres to someone who drives long commutes. You should determine your tyre requirements before searching for your new tyres to help you decide which will suit you and your vehicle best.

You should think about the type of journeys you tend to make, whether you typically drive in urban or rural areas and whether performance, safety, fuel efficiency or longevity is most important to you.

What should I choose?

If stability and precision at high speed is important to you, then performance tyres are best suited for your needs. If you are looking for tyres to take you from home to work, or you mainly drive around urban areas, performance tyres are probably not a suitable investment. You may wish to consider more environmentally friendly tyres which will reduce fuel consumption and provide long tyre life.

At Best Buy Tyres we have a range of tyres from leading manufacturers available to buy online and our range is designed to suit a variety of different requirements. Alternatively, you can visit your local Best Buy Tyres fitting centre for further advice and guidance on choosing the right tyres for you.

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