• Do I Need High Performance Tyres?

    Jul 2016

    When buying new tyres, tyre performance categories can be extremely confusing as you may need to decide whether to choose performance, ultra-high performance or efficient tyres, amongst more. They can... Read More »

  • Summer Tyre Checks

    Jun 2016

    Summer weather in the UK is anything but consistent and it is important that your tyres are able to keep you safe on the roads in hot temperatures, sudden downpours and even floods. Make sure that you... Read More »

  • Tyre Launch – Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Jun 2016

    Here at Best Buy Tyres we have been looking forward to the arrival of the newest Michelin Tyre, the Pilot Sport 4, for some time! Joining the impressive Pilot Sport range, which has been co-designed w... Read More »

  • How to Drive with a Caravan

    May 2016

    Towing a caravan can be a daunting experience to some people. Here at Best Buy Tyres we have put together some handy tips to help both new and experienced caravan holidaymakers drive safely. Mainta... Read More »

  • What should you carry in your vehicle when driving in Europe?

    May 2016

    Summer is just around the corner and some of us are planning to spend our holidays this year on a summer road trip. Driving is an ideal way to see a new country but it is important to familiarise you... Read More »

  • Can your Punctured Tyre be Repaired?

    Apr 2016

    Punctured tyres are a fairly common encounter and can be caused by many different things, other than a foreign body piercing the casing. The causes can include potholes and poor road conditions, kerbi... Read More »

  • Spring Driving

    Mar 2016

    Winter driving often proves extremely challenging and once the cold weather gives way to the milder spring season you might think that driving conditions instantly become safer and easier, however, sp... Read More »

  • Make Sure Your Tyres Don’t Fail Your MOT

    Feb 2016

    A surprising amount of vehicles fail their MOT test because of the tyres, so, if your vehicle will be going for its annual test soon make sure that your tyres don’t let it down! Tyre faults which c... Read More »

  • New Year, New Tyres

    Jan 2016

    Thinking about buying new tyres this January? Save up to 40% when you buy them online from Best Buy Tyres! Do you know when your tyres need replacing? Tyres should last for a minimum of 20,000 miles ... Read More »

  • Winter Checklist

    Dec 2015

    Driving in winter can be unpredictable so it is important that you remain prepared. To help you to cope with whatever winter throws at you and your vehicle, Best Buy Tyres have created a checklist of ... Read More »

  • Stay Safe This Christmas

    Dec 2015

    Driving can become a difficult task over the festive period as roads can become congested and weather conditions can be tough. It is important that motorists are prepared to deal with this extra strai... Read More »

  • Are Winter Tyres Worth It?

    Nov 2015

    Do I Need Winter Tyres? Winter tyres may seem an unnecessary expense as they can only be used for six months of the year and are unsuitable for all year driving. They do, however, provide a superior ... Read More »

  • Tyre Safety Month

    Oct 2015

    This October is Tyre Safety Month and it is the ideal time to make sure that you are in the habit of regularly checking your tyres. Tyre Safety Month is a campaign from TyreSafe and its purpose is to ... Read More »

  • Are your Tyres Safe?

    Oct 2015

    As a driver, checking the condition of your tyres is one of the most important tasks you have. There are many small, visual checks that you can undertake at home to ensure that your tyres are safe and... Read More »

  • How to Drive on New Tyres

    Aug 2015

    Here at Best Buy Tyres, we will provide you with the perfect tyres to suit your requirements, vehicle and driving style. Following the fitting, however, it is up to you to look after your new tyres an... Read More »

  • Summer Driving Advice

    Jul 2015

    With more traffic on the roads and varying seasonal weather conditions, summer driving can put extra strain on drivers and their vehicles, so it is important to be prepared. If you are heading on a su... Read More »

  • How to make your tyres last longer

    May 2015

    No matter what type of vehicle you drive, it is safe to assume that you need tyres. There are thousands of types of tyres, from high performance to reliable budget, but even the cheapest tyres can mou... Read More »

  • Prepare your car for the Easter Break

    Mar 2015

    After the long winter, the upcoming Spring break is the best time to give your car a good check over, especially if you're planning on using the holidays to escape for a few days.   You'll want to re... Read More »

  • Visual Tyre Care

    Mar 2015

    With the days getting longer and the weather seemingly improving, many drivers in the UK find themselves preparing their cars for the annual MOT test this month. March is one of the most popular month... Read More »

  • Budget Tyres vs Premium Brands

    Jan 2015

    Everyone who has ever purchased a tyre will know there can be a HUGE difference between budget and premium brands. Even those popular mid-range brands can be a costly purchase, when compared against s... Read More »


    Dec 2014

    Like changing the oil, or inflating your tyres, knowing how to fit your spare wheel is a must for all drivers, even if you’ve never done it or never intend to. Knowing how to complete this task coul... Read More »

  • Prepare yourself and your Car this Winter

    Nov 2014

    Whether it’s high winds, lashings of rain, snow or icy roads, winter driving can be the most testing time for both drivers and their vehicles. With the AA reported to have attended to an average of... Read More »

  • Tyre Safety Month 2014

    Oct 2014

    What better way to get ready for winter than by fitting a brand new set of tyres to your vehicle? With plenty of tread depth, you can benefit from maximum safety and control in the wet with a reduced ... Read More »

  • Watch Your Tread

    Sep 2014

    Treads are designed to give you good grip on wet roads but the grip decreases as the tyre pattern wears down or as the depth of water increases - so you should always watch your speed when it’s wet!... Read More »

  • Components of a Tyre You Should Understand

    Aug 2014

    Tyres are an important and expensive investment for any vehicle owner but how are they constructed? These are some of the key components that make up a tyre: Tread – this is the pa... Read More »

  • Tyre Inspection and Maintenance

    Jul 2014

    It is hard to predict when you will need new tyres so it is essential that you conduct regular checks and maintenance to ensure safe driving and to maximise the life of your tyres. Factors such as e... Read More »

  • Specialist Tyre Fitting

    Jun 2014

    When you are looking to repair or fit new tyres to your vehicle, always call a specialist! The removal and fitment of tyres should only be trusted to a trained tyre specialist with the correct equip... Read More »

  • Summer Driving

    May 2014

    Stay safe on the roads this summer with some top-tips from the team here at Best Buy Tyres. Driving conditions do change in the summer and you should be prepared for the blinding sunshine and hotter ... Read More »

  • What Should You Consider When Changing Your Tyres?

    Apr 2014

    As a driver you play an important part in the life of the tyres fitted to your vehicle - with regular care and maintenance you can help your tyres last as long as possible. Saying that, we all know ty... Read More »

  • Checking Your Tyre Pressures

    Mar 2014

    You need to check your tyre pressures at least every two weeks as the correct pressures are essential for safety, braking, grip, fuel consumption and a good tyre life. Here are a few simple tips to h... Read More »

  • Looking After Your Car and Preparing For Bad Weather Conditions

    Feb 2014

    We are all obsessed with the weather and we have to deal with some appalling weather conditions in the UK. It is important all drivers know how to maintain their car and be prepared for bad weather dr... Read More »

  • Happy New Year Tyre Safety 2014

    Jan 2014

    Happy New Year from all the Best Buy Tyres team - we hope you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday. We all like to make New Year resolutions so we thought we would offer some simple tips that you can w... Read More »

  • Drink Driving

    Dec 2013

    Christmas and New Year is upon us and with that there is always an increase in people going out and having a drink and celebrating with friends and family.  However, some people make the choice t... Read More »

  • Tyre and Car Industry News Round Up December 2013

    Dec 2013

    Goodyear has recently announced that they have been chosen by MG to be the 100% OE provider on the new MG3.  The tyres of choice will be the Goodyear Efficientgrip Performance, with its excellent... Read More »

  • Mobile Tyre Fitting

    Dec 2013

    At Best Buy Tyres we understand that you may want mobile fitting simply because you are busy and don’t have the time to get to a fitting centre.  For others it can be a lifeline because you... Read More »

  • Best Buy Tyres promotion with Continental Tyres and the Fifa Brazilian World Cup.

    Nov 2013

      Continental Tyres are a global leader in the sector and have become established as one of the leading sponsors in football, with around 18 years involvement in the game.  With the 2014 B... Read More »

  • Learning To Drive

    Oct 2013

    Learning to drive can be time consuming and costly.  Once you have passed your test the expense continues with having to buy a car and getting yourself insured, not forgetting the everyday bills ... Read More »

  • Roadside Breakdown

    Oct 2013

    Roadside breakdowns for any reason can be very distressing and can sometimes lead to other accidents irrespective of the reason for the breakdown.  Basic highway rules are often forgotten in the ... Read More »

  • Tyre and Car Industry News Roundup September 2013.

    Oct 2013

      It’s proving to be a busy month for tyre manufacturers who have been developing original equipment tyres for BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari.  Hankook in particular have continued their e... Read More »

  • Tyre and Car Industry News Round Up 28.08.13

    Aug 2013

      The tyre industry has had a busy couple of months over the summer with mergers, takeovers and joint ventures aplenty.  The Best Buy Tyres news team have reviewed and given a round up of s... Read More »

  • UK Tyre Law

    Aug 2013

    The condition of your car tyres is vital as they are your only link to the road. Regular checks and keeping your tyres in good condition will be less costly in the long run. Skidding is a major contri... Read More »

  • Tyre Industry News August 2013

    Aug 2013

    Pirelli has joined up with Audi to produce a new noise reducing tyre that will become original equipment on the Audi RS6 and RS7.  The tyres will offer the ‘Pirelli Noise Cancelling System&... Read More »

  • Making your tyres last longer

    Jul 2013

    There are many money saving tips where tyres are concerned, saving money by buying online is one way but making your tyres last longer is another and can be surprisingly easy. The most cost effective ... Read More »

  • Top Five Places To Visit This Summer

    Jul 2013

    With the summer holidays approaching, why not make the most of your car and get out and about and see what Britain has to offer by heading off on the open road.  There is plenty to do and see, fr... Read More »

  • Caravan Tyres: Advice and Information

    Jul 2013

    Caravan wheels are different to those seen on a car and are in essence stronger than those in a similar size.  On a caravan the weight is usually distributed across a single axle and therefore ea... Read More »

  • Dangerous Driving and changes in the UK Law

    Jul 2013

    Dangerous driving has long been a problem not only in the UK but across the world.  Dangerous driving can be anything from speeding, ignoring traffic lights and road signals, driving under the in... Read More »

  • Toyota, Nissian and Mazda Car Recalls

    Jul 2013

    Sometimes when we step into our vehicle we can take our safety for guaranteed.  In our busy lives we often don’t see potential hazards.  At Best Buy Tyres we regularly remind our custo... Read More »

  • Formula 1 Silverstone Grand Prix

    Jul 2013

    At Best Buy Tyres we were so excited when Pirelli very kindly gave us the opportunity to join them in offering our customers the chance to win tickets for the 2013 home Grand Prix.   Silvers... Read More »

  • Tyre Industry News July 2013

    Jul 2013

    In a transaction valued at around US$2.5bn, Indian based manufacturer Apollo Tyres will acquire USA based Cooper Tyre and Rubber Company. The merger will see two companies come together with a shared ... Read More »

  • Driving Abroad

    Jul 2013

    There are many things to consider when driving abroad, whether it be driving in your own vehicle or hiring one at your destination.  This guide provides the key things to remember when driving ab... Read More »

  • Enjoyable days out at the summer 2013 UK Motor Shows

    Jun 2013

      At Best Buy Tyres we know that our customers can vary greatly in how they view their vehicles.  From the little run around, to the pride and joy.  We also know that this view of your... Read More »

  • Tyre Industry News June 2013

    Jun 2013

    Hankook are set to expand their investment in their European facility in Hungary. The tyre company have already taken out major investments in this area and are set to invest a further 313 million ... Read More »

  • Checks to make on your vehicle before a long journey

    May 2013

      If you are going away this bank holiday weekend and making a long journey in the car, there are certain checks that you can do which can reduce the risk of a breakdown and increase your safety... Read More »

  • Tyre Industry News April 2013

    Apr 2013

    Here at Best Buy Tyres we like to keep an eye on what is happening in the Industry and give you a round up of the main stories.  April’s Industry news has seen the release of brand figures ... Read More »

  • Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix

    Mar 2013

    Who would have predicted that the second Grand Prix of the season would have caused such controversy?  It all seemed to be very straight forward despite the initial weather conditions.  Ther... Read More »

  • Tyre Industry News March 2013

    Mar 2013

    TyreSafe have recently partnered up with NTDA (the National Tyre Distributors Association) to raise awareness on the risks of part worn tyres.  Together they are going to work to provide resource... Read More »

  • Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 17th March 2013

    Mar 2013

    The stage had been set for an exhilarating opening to the 2013 Grand Prix season and it didn’t disappoint.  As expected, the unpredictable Melbourne weather played its part in Saturday&rsqu... Read More »

  • Australian Formula One Grand Prix

    Mar 2013

    The start of the 2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix season is now just days away, kicking off in Melbourne Australia on 15th March 2013. With the 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix having gone to the wire the new seaso... Read More »

  • Part Worn Tyres

    Mar 2013

    Buying new tyres can be expensive, but the alternative of buying a part worn tyre is not always as cost effective as it may seem. Here are some facts about part worn tyres: The Law.... Read More »

  • Best Buy Tyres Fitting Centres

    Mar 2013

    At Best Buy Tyres we award our fantastic fitting centres with our coveted ‘centre of the month’ award, which is why customer feedback is extremely important to us.  We like to know wh... Read More »

  • Caught without a Spare Tyre

    Feb 2013

    Do you know what’s in the boot of your car?  Traditionally car manufacturers provided a spare tyre in case of any punctures.  More recently some of the car manufacturers have opted to ... Read More »

  • Continental Tyres Promotion

    Feb 2013

    Best Buy Tyres are proud to offer a wide range of tyre choices including premium tyre brands at our best prices.  One such premium brand, the renowned Continental Tyres has given Best Buy Tyres t... Read More »

  • Driving Accidents

    Jan 2013

    Driving accidents are seen on our roads and motorways across the country on a daily basis.  Such accidents can be caused by hundreds of different factors and for the most part could quite easily ... Read More »

  • The annoyance of Potholes

    Oct 2012

    It stops being a pleasure to drive if you have to be constantly on guard to swerve to avoid splits and craters in the road. Potholes are the annoyance of every motorist’s lives but also councils... Read More »

  • Budget Tyres Vs Mid Range Tyres

    Oct 2012

    When it comes to choosing new tyres for your vehicle, how do the general public decide on what to buy?  For a lot of people buying a tyre is an emergency purchase and the perception can be to jus... Read More »

  • Dangers of part worn tyres

    Sep 2012

    In the current economic climate everyone wants to save money. However motorists could be putting themselves and other road users at risk by choosing to fit cheap tyres alternatives such as part worn t... Read More »

  • Motorway Safety

    Sep 2012

    Driving on the motorway for a lot of people is a daily occurrence, but do drivers always give motorway safety a second thought before setting out on their journey?  Too often drivers are seen com... Read More »

  • Recent activity in fuel prices

    Aug 2012

    At the start of 2012 the country saw increasing fuel prices with the peak reaching 142.48p a litre in April. Therefore it has been a welcomed relief by motorists and businesses to see prices falling a... Read More »

  • May & June BBT Centres of the Month

    Jul 2012

    As our ongoing initiative to award our fitting centres with our coveted ‘centre of the month’ title, we have recently awarded our centres for May and June 2012.  All of the centres aw... Read More »

  • Best Buy Tyres New Fitting Partners

    Jul 2012

    As Best Buy Tyres expands so too does our fitting network and over recent months we have started partnerships with numerous garages across the UK.  Since the start of the year we have recruited 6... Read More »

  • Germany's Formula One Grand Prix

    Jul 2012

    The 10th Formula 1 Grand Prix in Germany is fast approaching yet we haven’t had a chance to catch our breath since the start of the year.  The 2012 F1 season has been fuelled with excitemen... Read More »

  • Increased road accidents caused by poor tyres

    Jul 2012

    Most motorists will tell you they are safe drivers, abiding by the speed limits and the Highway Code and being mindful of other road users.  No one would want to knowingly put themselves or their... Read More »

  • April BBT Centres of the Month

    Jun 2012

    Best Buy Tyres has recently awarded Merityre Hook branch, the Merityre fitting centre of the month for April.  Our customers have given one hundred percent excellent feedback to Best Buy Tyres af... Read More »

  • Bridgestone expands Ecopia size line-ups

    May 2012

    At we want to keep you informed of all the new developments in the tyre market. Bridgestone tyres have announced the expansion of the Ecopia size range which means more cars ca... Read More »

  • 63% of motorists in Europe driving on under-inflated tyres

    May 2012

      At Best Buy Tyres not only do we want to give you the customer the cheapest prices for tyres online, we also want to keep you up to date with news feeds to do with safety. The following artic... Read More »

  • Tyre Safety

    May 2012

    During the winter months, Best Buy Tyres focused on informing our customers of the cost poorly maintained tyres can have on not only their pocket, but also their lives.  Now that Spring is upo... Read More »

  • EU Tyre Labelling Changes

    May 2012

    At Best Buy Tyres we are constantly working hard to give our customers a website that offers value for money with informative product information.  The Best Buy Tyres team are always researc... Read More »

  • Formula One Grand Prix

    Apr 2012

    The fourth Grand Prix of the season went ahead in Bahrain and provided an exciting race despite the controversy that over shadowed it.  The result has now placed Sebastian Vettel with Red Bull ... Read More »

  • New Staff at Best Buy Tyres

    Apr 2012

    Best buy tyres has appointed new staff to cope with increased sales and future developments within the company. Alan Littlewood has been appointed as general manager and brings over 1... Read More »

  • Bridgestone News

    Dec 2011

    Bridgestone has recently revealed its new range of run flat tyres using the ultra high performance range of the Potenza S001 technology. Bridgestone first introduced run flats to its brand in the earl... Read More »

  • Pirelli News

    Nov 2011

    The September Frankfurt motor show was once again the place to showcase the best in design and technology for the automotive industry. Pirelli were also very much on show at this years exhibition wit... Read More »

  • Tyre Recommendations

    Sep 2011

    The tyres on your car provide your only point of contact with the road and are vital for your safety. Best Buy Tyres offer a wide choice of tyres to suit all vehicles, at a range of prices to meet yo... Read More »

  • Save Fuel Through Correctly Inflated Tyres

    Jul 2011

    The cost of living charges and the rise in fuel bills all add up to less money in our pockets so running a car, although a necessity for many people seems somewhat of a luxury in these tight times. So... Read More »

  • Front Wheel Alignment

    Jun 2011

    You may have been offered front wheel alignment in the past when purchasing tyres at a garage, but some customers do not know what this is or what it's for. Front wheel alignment ensures that the ... Read More »

  • Mobile Tyre Fitting Purely, Thame & Bagshot

    Mar 2011

    Alongside, being able to buy tyres online and have them fitted at one of Best Buy Tyres 450 fitting centres across the UK and Ireland, Best Buy Tyres are now proud to launch a Mobile Tyre Fitting serv... Read More »

  • Best Buy Tyres - Tyre Search gets even easier

    Jan 2011

    Best Buy Tyres are excited to unveil the new re-vamped website. The new Best Buy Tyres website promises to make the process of buying tyres online much easier for the consumer. A new design and layout... Read More »

  • Upgrade for Best Buy Tyres

    Jan 2011

    Leading tyre supplier Best Buy Tyres Ltd has updated its website with a brand new look. The improved site has been designed to make the selection and purchasing process more simple and efficient for c... Read More »

  • Top Level Changes at Best Buy Tyres

    Jun 2010

    Best Buy Tyres Ltd has brought a new dynamic to its ownership structure. The company has been taken over from ITR Ltd by three former owners; Formula One Autocentres, Malvern Tyres and Merityre Specia... Read More »

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