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Established in 1990, Marshal tyres have expanded to achieve recognition from both retailers and motorists alike. With over 25 years’ experience in providing quality tyres sold around the world, in countries including Germany, Australia and Italy, Marshal tyres have developed a sound reputation. Despite enjoying a worldwide presence, the UK remains the single largest market for Marshal Tyres and their products have been specifically developed for British climatic conditions and customer expectation. Marshal Tyres are known for offering superior performance and comfort and their name is synonymous with quality all over the world.


Always on the lookout for ways to further develop their tyres, Marshal tyres are frequently introducing innovative new products to the market. Marshal tyres place specific emphasis on developing their products specifically for the European market and much of their testing and development takes place at the Birmingham based European Technical Centre. With a focus on wet performance, Marshal tyres are known for their outstanding grip on wet surfaces and high resistance to aquaplaning, thanks to their high performance asymmetric tread.

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Matrac FX MU11

The Matrac FX MU11 is a superior ultra-high performance tyre designed to excel in all summer weather conditions.

Matrac FX MU11 »


Matrac XM KH35

The Matrac XM KH35 is the most superior tyre from the Matrac range as it is the first tyre to be developed with Marshal’s innovative asymmetric high performance pattern.

Matrac XM KH35 »


Matrac MH11

A contemporary performance tyre ideally suited to family saloons and hatchbacks, the Matrac MH11 offers a safe and comfortable ride.

Matrac MH11 »



The KR11 is an economical tyre which is ideally designed for high mileage and better fuel economy.

KR11 »


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