Looking After Your Tyres

Looking after your tyres is essential to maximising their road safety and performance as well as extending their lifespan. As a driver, it is crucial that you maintain your tyres considering that they are the part of your vehicle which connects you to the road.

It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that their tyres are up to the legal standards. Regulations set in place by the government place an even greater focus on the need to regularly check your tyres and at Best Buy Tyres we recommend carrying out checks every two weeks.

Age isn’t the only factor when it comes to worn out tyres, many other things can have a negative effect on the life of your tyres. Braking, wrongly-inflated tyres and even debris on the road can decrease your tyre life, so it is important that you frequently check them.

Simply checking your tyre pressure, tread depth and surface can go a long way when it comes to lengthening tyre life and lowering your fuel consumption. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to checking your tyres, take a look at our tips:

Tyre Pressure

Driving with the correct tyre pressure is not only crucial to your tyres but to the safety of all road users. Click here to read more about how to check your tyre pressure.

Tread Depth

By law, tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. If yours do not you risk facing a hefty fine as well as risking the safety of yourself and passengers. Find out how to check your tread depth here.

Wheel Alignment

One of the most common reasons for premature tyre wear is poor wheel alignment. Luckily, incorrect alignment can be easy to spot and repair. Click here to read more about wheel alignment and the affect it has on your tyres.

Visual Tyre Care

Visually inspecting your tyres on a regular basis can go a long way in lengthening the life of your tyres. Find out what you should be looking for here.

Driving Skills

On top of the usual wear and tear that tyres face, the way that you drive can be a major factor contributing to their lifespan. Take a look at our tips to see if you can make a change which has a real impact on your tyres here.

Tyre Maintenance

A crucial part of tyre safety is ensuring that your tyres are well looked after and maintained. Visual inspection and careful cleaning can increase the life of your tyres and improve tyre safety. Click here to learn more about maintaining your tyres.

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