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Since Hankook began manufacturing tyres in 1941, they have taken bold steps to establish themselves as a leading tyre manufacturer. Their success has been swift and this can largely be attributed to their product range and radial tyre production of passenger car, SUV and light truck tyres.

In 1982 Hankook took the decision to establish their first research and development centre overseas in the USA. It wasn't long before they established themselves in the European Market with a technical centre being established in Germany 2 years later.

Their desire to be a market-driven company offering brand value is at the heart of their future plans and their investment in technology and growth knows no bounds. Hankook's ambition to improve their position in the Tyre Manufacturing industry has been a driving factor in their continued success in producing high quality products.


Hankook's drive for excellence is demonstrated by their Kontrol philosophy and technology; a combination of principles based on all aspects of the driving experience from safety to performance. These principles have also been employed in the development of their green technology. Their financial commitment to research and development and their commitment to producing tyres that meet the modern driver's needs for safety, handling, performance cement Hankook's position amongst the leading tyre manufacturers. It is all of these factors and the emphasis on value for money of Hankook products that makes it a popular choice for the Best Buy customer.


The Kinergy Tyre was designed to satisfy customers demand for ride comfort as well as maximum fuel efficiency.

Kinergy »


Ventus S1

The structure of the Ventus S1 enhances balance and stability to ensure optimum dry performance whilst maintaining wet and dry grip to maximise the performance whatever the conditions.

Ventus S1 »


Ventus Prime 2

The compound mix in the Prime 2 helps to improve the fuel efficiency of this tyre which makes this Hankook tyre great on your pocket in more ways than one.

Ventus Prime 2 »


Ventus V12 Evo

The Ventus V12 Evo is a popular tyre choice for those drivers that need an ultra high performance tyre but do not wish to compromise on style.

Ventus V12 Evo »



The K415 is a high performance tyre pattern with a design that ensures excellent wet or dry handling.

K415 »



The Optimo K715 pattern has been designed for the compact car market.

K715 »



The RA08s purpose as a tyre for transporting is at the core of the construction and the many design features.

RA08 »



The RA14 has been designed to suit drivers of small vans that carry heavier loads.

RA14 »


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