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Firestone is an American tyre company that was founded back in 1900 in Akron, Ohio, by one Harvey Samuel Firestone. He supplied pneumatic tyres for wagons and buggies, and other forms of common wheeled transport. Soon recognised was the huge potential for marketing tyres for cars and other automobiles and Firestone therefore became a pioneer in the mass production of tyres. Thanks to his friendship with Henry Ford, Harvey Samuel Firestone cleverly used this relationship to become the original equipment supplier of the Ford Motor Company. Along with Goodyear, Firestone remained one of the largest suppliers of tyres in North America for 75 years. The Firestone Tyres company was bought by Bridgestone in 1988 and remain a part of the Japanese tyre group.


Firestone offer safe and reliable tyres with good mileage and a fraction of the price of Bridgestone’s whilst remaining with the highest quality standards that Bridgestone tyres are manufactured. Firestone tyres are targeted for family drivers of small and medium sized compact cars and are fitted all over the world.

Summer Tyres

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Firehawk SZ90µ

Love the thrill of adventure but refuse to compromise on safety? Meet the most sporting member of the Firestone family, the Firehawk SZ90µ.

Firehawk SZ90µ »


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We all need someone to watch and guard over us, especially on today's roads. The TZ300α is a strong performer in every respect and a tyre you can count on when you need it most.

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Destination HP

Don't believe in limits, barriers are there to be broken. Which is why the all-new Destination HP, Firestone's flagship SUV tyre - has everything you need to go beyond them.

Destination HP »


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Business is never a one-man show. To get the job done, you need strong, reliable partners you can trust.

Vanhawk »


Winter Tyres

Buy Firestone Winterforce tyres online from Best Buy Tyres and save upto 40%


Conquer even the toughest winter roads with the Firestone Winterforce. Designed and built for the most extreme conditions, this high performance studded tyre is the answer to the challenge of a severe winter.

Winterforce »


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Winterhawk 3

Firestone bridges the gap between winter roads and reliable, cost effective performance.

Winterhawk 3 »


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Winterhawk C

Conquer winter with the new and improved Winterhawk 3 winter tyre from Firestone that incorporates the latest lamellen technology.

Winterhawk C »


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