Energy Saving Tyres

Up to 20% of a car's fuel consumption is due to the tyre and its rolling resistance, therefore ensuring your tyres are in optimum condition can save you money on fuel costs. Checking tyre pressure and tyre tread wear is an immediate way to save money on fuel, but a longer term, money saving solution is energy saving tyres.

Energy saving tyres or 'fuel efficient tyres' as they are sometimes known are specifically designed to consume less fuel and decrease pollution levels by reducing the rolling resistance of the tyre. The small patch of tread which is about the size of your hand is what is in contact with the road at any one time. As the car moves the tyre heats up and friction is created. This friction is what gives the tyre its traction to grip your tyre to the road. However, this friction will also create rolling resistance, which in turn will require more energy from the engine to overcome the resistance; more energy means more fuel consumption.

Tyre manufacturers use a different compound in the production of energy saving tyres which reduces heat lose in the tyre and lowers the rolling resistance, whilst maintaining the traction required for handling and grip. It is therefore, important to note that to get the optimum benefits from an energy saving tyre or indeed any tyre then the correct tyre pressure and tread depth is vital.

Energy Saving Tyres

Rolling resistance can't be eliminated but reducing it as much as possible means you'll use less fuel. This is where energy saving tyres come in.

Energy saving tyres are constructed with a slightly different tyre compound which is designed to maintain the rigidity of the tyre tread rubber, keeping the tyre cooler and reducing the energy lost through heat.

Energy saving tyres not only reduce fuel consumption but as a result have increased longevity as they do not wear as rapidly as a standard tyre.

Most major tyre manufacturers produce energy efficient or energy saving tyres which have been specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption.

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