All Season Tyres

What are All Season Tyres?

All season tyres are designed to perform adequately all year round, providing acceptable capabilities in wet and dry conditions whilst still offering traction on snow. Reliable and versatile, all season tyres are a great option for those who do not want to own two sets of tyres and change them with the seasons, for storage or economy reasons.

All Season Tyres vs Season Specific Tyres

All season tyres offer good performance all year round, however, they cannot offer the maximum performance in extreme conditions that you could expect from a dedicated summer or winter tyre.

These tyres are often constructed using a combination of compounds, mixing those used in winter and summer tyres to produce a rubber which can perform in most temperatures.

Like winter tyres, all season tyres are usually designed with some sipes which can give decent traction on ice and snow, however, these sipes are thinner than those found on winter tyres.

All season tyres are also designed to offer adequate performance in milder conditions, however, they may offer less grip than summer tyres due to deeper tread depth. This is a necessary compromise as it enables all season tyres to offer some cold weather performance.

All Season Tyres

What are the Benefits of All Season Tyres?

The main benefit of using all season tyres is that they are versatile and able to tackle different weather conditions. They provide traction in winter and a decent performance in wet and dry summer conditions, however, they do not excel in either.

All season tyres offer an efficient and quality ride and you can feel confident that you are protected if weather conditions rapidly change.

They find a balance in performance under multiple driving conditions which makes them a great choice when it comes to everyday driving in the UK.

Which Tyres Should I Choose?

You should choose all season tyres if:

  • You would like to use the same tyres all year round
  • You could not store or fit a second set of tyres
  • You live in an area which does not suffer harsh, winter conditions or temperatures below 0Âșc
  • You mainly drive in urban environments

If you believe that all season tyres would not suit your driving requirements, take a look at what you can expect from summer or winter tyres instead.

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