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Today’s 4x4 vehicles are some of the most sophisticated vehicles on the road and it’s important that you chose the right 4x4 tyre for both your on-road and off-road requirements.

4x4 vehicles can make tackling the most hostile terrains look easy. Whilst the 4-wheel drive transmission plays a large part in making this happen, using the right 4x4 tyres can mean the difference between reaching the top of the hill and being left stuck in the mud!

What’s your purpose?

Make sure you know what you need from your 4x4 tyre. 4x4 tyres come in various shapes, sizes and with various functions, depending on their intended use. Most car manufacturers break down their range of 4×4 tyres into different categories dependant on the type of vehicle and also the usage of the vehicle. These will be either on-road use or off-road use.

You will find that a high performance 4×4 used mainly for on-road use will require a relatively quiet, comfortable tyre. A possibly older or working model which spends the majority of its life off-road will require something more aggressive.

On-road Use

4x4 tyres intended for on-road use tend to resemble over-sized conventional car tyres. As more and more 4×4 vehicles are designed for on-road use, these tyres are more popular than ever.

Vehicles such as Porsche Cayenne or the Range Rover, demand performance from a tyre previously only required for high performance road cars. The market has opened up to the need for car-like luxury and performance whilst fitted to heavy 4×4 vehicles. 4x4 tyres for on-road use usually include directional tread patterns and high performance tread compounds.

The modern market also sees the demand for on-road 4x4 luxury tyres. As well as performance drivers require the comfort of a luxury vehicle from their 4x4. In order to cater for this market, tyres with a less aggressive tread pattern have been designed. These usually also include smaller tread blocks to reduce noise and offer a quiet and more comfortable ride.

Off-road Use

Traditionally the 4x4 would sport an off-road tyre so the classic chunky and aggressive tread pattern is what’s usually associated to an off-road 4x4. The performance characteristics will obviously differ than those for an on-road 4x4. For off-road use, 4x4 tyres tend to include widely spaced heavy, rugged tread patterns. Larger than usual 'knobbles' are common for gripping and gaining traction on soft and uneven surfaces and a stronger carcass construction helps to reduce damage on difficult terrains. The main purpose of the off-road 4x4 tyre, is to gain traction in a variety of conditions. These may range from dry, dusty surfaces to deep mud and anything in between.

Comfort is still reasonably relevant so the importance of a tread pattern that can deal with difficult terrains will inevitably give the driver and passengers a more comfortable ride.

Using the right 4x4 tyre

The wrong tyres can wear a lot quicker than usual and contribute to an increase in fuel consumption, so having the right tyres fitted to your 4x4 is very important. Best Buy Tyres stock a wide range of 4x4 tyres suitable for various terrain types, save up to 40% on all tyre brands when you buy online.

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